As the brand steps into a new decade, Cherry has taken a full transition to further serve the Filipinos by continuously innovating and building an ecosystem of products that will meet the needs of its evolving market, making their life easier and improving the overall lifestyle of the progressive Filipinos.

The Ecosystem

What started out as a mobile phone brand in 2009 with only four (4) units to showcase, Cherry now carries an array of brands and services under its belt. Including Cherry Mobile, Cherry Prepaid, Cherryroam, Cherry Home, and Cherry Pet, the Cherry Ecosystem offers extensive variety products in communication technology, Internet of Things (IoT) system, home, personal, and even pet essentials.

Seeing beyond the sole desire to bring innovative devices and affordable technology to the Filipino market, Cherry establishes solid partnerships with the most trusted technology leaders in terms of hardware, software, and peripherals. It has ventured on its telecommunication services through Cherry Prepaid in partnership with Globe Telecom, providing affordable prepaid services to the Filipinos across the archipelago since 2015. Later on, it widened its global reach through the Cherryroam, a travel hotspot WiFi device that provides fast, stable, and secured connectivity wherever in the world. 

Understanding the need of today’s household modern lifestyle, Cherry launched its IoT arm through the Cherry Home brand last 2019, providing its consumers the security, convenience, and peace of mind they truly deserve. These products are connected and integrated in one platform that works well with different IoT systems. From switches, sockets, to cameras, locks, and even home appliances. Cherry Home is set to bring a life full of convenience in a smart way.

Along with more ventures and venues to distribute its products and services to the market, Cherry continues to uphold better customer care and its after-sales through a big number of service centers nationwide accessible to all their consumers in the country. 


Cherry will continue to be a cut above the rest, with a bigger goal in mind: to dominate the Philippine tech industry with globally-competitive breakthroughs and innovations made for the Filipinos under one entity. Set to expand new horizons and further build its ecosystem of brands, Cherry will continue its pursuit in providing that will meet the needs of its evolving market, a commitment to continuously grow even bigger and better in the years to come,

One Cherry, One Ecosystem for the Filipinos.